Double Cleansing: your skin will thank you!

Growing up with eczema as a child and severe acne as a teenager means I never had the privilege of clear skin. My parents spent thousands of ringgit on skincare and dermatologist for me. Ultimately, I was able to free myself from the clutches of eczema as I grew older (with better diet, of course). Thankfully, I also managed to control my acne breakouts after taking some oral meds – you can read all about it here.

Skincare has always been a life-long learning journey for me. After a year free from oral meds to control my acne, I have to take extra care in my skincare routine to not agitate the pimples. I’ve been reading about double cleansing for months now and finally took the plunge when my usual micellar water makeup remover ran out. So you can say, I made the transition from cleansing water to cleansing oil.

What they won’t tell you about working in social media.

I am a social media manager, and that means I am also a writer, graphic designer, video producer, copywriter, editor, content strategist, publicist, marketer and customer service – all in one business card. It’s astonishing how all those roles fit in three words – social media manager. Just 30 years ago, my profession does not exist. We live at a time where a whole generation (baby-boomers) have no idea what social media is; my parents are still trying to understand what I do for a living.

“Basically, she gets paid to go on Facebook all day,”

my parents’ standard, over-simplified, and way out of context response to their peers when asked about my job.