5 morning routines to start your day better

We all have different morning routines. Some wake up early morning to squeeze in a work-out session before heading off to work. Others wake up 30-minutes after the alarm and rush off to their day. I went from the latter to the former and it has changed my life!

Despite waking up at 6:30AM every morning, I am energized the whole day and found myself more productive and cheerful. Here are some of my tips for getting a good night sleep, wake up early in the morning and stay energised throughout the day:

  1. Get enough sleep. 7-9 hours is the recommended sleeping period by the National Sleep Foundation. I understand some may not have the luxury to squeeze in that many hours of sleep so an alternative you can look into is polyphasic sleep. It has helped me gain more hours for when I worked on tight deadlines. However, I don’t recommend this as a lifestyle.
  2. The first thing to do when you wake up: drink water. A glass of water first thing in the morning helps to gently wake up your body and keep you hydrated.
  3. Morning yoga to stay active. Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscle and throw in a quick work out session first thing in the morning to raise your endorphin level up!
  4. Cut back on coffee and drink green tea instead. I substituted coffee for green tea and it has revolutionized my morning! I often find that although coffee gives me the wake-up kick I need in the morning, I end up crippled in fatigue post-lunch. Green tea, on the other hand, boosted my energy level throughout the day. Also, it’s great for those trying to lose weight. Check out the benefits of green tea here.
  5. Drink more water. I know, I already mentioned “drink water”, but this is so important – it’s worth another mention!

Trust me, a few days into this routine, you will feel so much more refreshed and energized. Not only that, you will also notice your attention span improving and productivity rising!

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