Why it’s important to have a group of supportive friends

As a young girl, I’ve always imagined my adulthood to be like the girls in Sex and the City. My mother never let me watch the series (well, duh!) but I often came across a magazine spread of how fabulous Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda looked. I told myself, one day I will be just as fabulous as them.

Well, 15 years later and life caught up to me. I’m facing the same adult problems as the girls in Sex and the City: finding Mr. Right, struggling to pay rent in a metropolitan city, and many more adult problems that nobody warned me about in all those years. Side note, I may or may not have developed a shopping addiction. Told ya, I got the full Carrie Bradshaw package.

I also got the group of girlfriends. Life got so much easier with a supportive group of friends whom you know have your back in everything. I’m serious; if I kill someone one day, I know Tumi and Ida will come running in rubber gloves and maxi trenchcoats with shovels to hide the body. As Meredith always say to Christina in Grey’s Anatomy“you’re my person.”

As I reflect back on our lunch dates and lit texting group chat, I’m so grateful I have two strong and fabulous women as my best friends. These are the people who will celebrate my happy moments with me and pull me up during the not-so-happy moments.

Every woman should have a group of fabulous girlfriends because…

  1. This is a group of people who will be honest with you. When you’re hung up over a boy, these people will be the first one to say, “Get over him and pull yourself together.” Real friends will always tell you things the way they are. Sometimes it’s very easy to get caught up in your own world and these friends are the ones who will drag you back down to Earth and keep you in check.
  2. They will help you grow into a better person. Naturally, friends will support you and motivate you to be better. If you have a friend who always wants to up-do you one and always want to be better than everyone in the group, drop that friend. Real friends help each other grow. Did you see Monica from Friends complain when Rachel worked at Ralph Lauren and was making more money? No, because real friends are proud when their friend is living up to their full potential.
  3. Therapists are expensive so that’s when your friends come to play. Why spend hundreds of ringgit per session to see a therapist when all you have to do is pick up the phone and let it all out to a friend? She may not have the qualifications to give you the meds but sometimes speaking to a friend about your issues help. (Disclaimer: if you are suffering from a mental illness, please do see a professional. You can also reach out to your friends for support.)
  4. You really get to work on your soft skills – especially public speaking, emotional intelligence, and empathy – when you’re with your friends. Holding a decent human conversation can be tricky if you have anxiety and severe nervousness. What better way to practice than with the people you trust and are comfortable with? The art of mingling may not come naturally to some people but testing the waters with your friends will surely help you improve your skills.

Having a group of supportive friends has its perks: fabulous brunch/lunch dates, free fashion stylists, and wellness therapists. Honestly, there are so many reasons why every girl should have a group of supportive girlfriends and I can go on and on but I leave the rest for you to fill in.

To my best friends, to future fabulous lunch dates and super lit group chats.

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