Skincare Review: SK-II PITERA Essence

The story of how SK-II PITERA came to be is inspirational. The history of the product and elegant marketing of the brand have placed SK-II among skincare royalty.

I’m sure many of us are a little on the fence when it comes to purchasing SK-II products since the price point is not exactly pocket-friendly. In truth, I was like you. I kept wondering, “Is the PITERA worth my money?”

I purchased the SK-II PITERA First Experience Kit to see if the product is as good as people say. This kit is perfect for those wanting to try SK-II PITERA for the first time. In the kit, you will receive:

  1. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml
  2. Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
  3. Facial Treatment Mask 1pc

The PITERA Experience

In order to reap the full benefits of PITERA essence, it is suggested to use the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (a toner) on a cleaned face. The toner contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which is a group or natural and synthetic ingredients that can exfoliate the upper layer of the skin.

As a result, when you pat-pat PITERA on your face, it will be better absorbed into the layers of the skin.

My Personal Review

After two weeks of consistent use in my morning and night time routine, I absolutely love the PITERA. I instantly feel hydrated and the essence leaves my skin feeling clean. It’s definitely a no-nonsense product!

Some changes I notice on my skin:

  • My skin is bouncier as a result of hydration
  • Skin surface definitely feels a lot smoother
  • My break-outs are controlled
  • I think I’m on my way to glass skin!
A selfie I took on a whim at work without makeup

So, would I recommend the PITERA to others?

Of course! SK-II PITERA has been around for years and it’s a cult favourite for a reason. As for the price-point, I suggest you start with the First Experience Kit since it retails for RM253 (at the time I purchased it). If you want to research more on the kit before purchasing, you can visit SK-II official website here.